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ESE Pods Test Packages

Buy Online ESE Pods/Servings | Create Your Own Test Package
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ESE Pods/ Servings test packs

MetaCaffe offers several different ESE pods. These ESE pods can be used in ESE machines like the La Piccola. The range of ESE pods at MetaCaffe comprises five brands:

  • Qubik coffee
  • Castorino coffee
  • SAKA Caffè
  • Caffè Karoma
  • Caffè Mike

This distinction is also made in the test packets inside this page. Available is a Qubik Mix containing 85 ESE pods and Castorino blend containing 75 ESE pods. Both test packages include various types of coffee flavors of the relevant brand. Additionally, it's also possible to put together a package from our five Italian coffee brands that we offer. Meet the surprising flavors of Qubik, Castorino, SAKA, Karoma & Mike and create a delicious espresso with Easy Serving Espresso pods!