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ESE PODS is the new trend

At MetaCaffè you will find a passionate and carefully selected range of delicious and special Italian ESE Servings from various brands from several provinces in Italy. The ESE coffee pads are packed from 50 to 150 pieces in a box.

Easy Serving Espresso

ESE Servings or E.S.E. Servings originates in Italy. With the help of the ESE Servings, coffee could be made much faster for and by everyone, without compromising on quality. This characteristic was also the basis for the naming of ESE coffee. The abbreviation ESE stands for Easy Serving Espresso. Due to the success on the Italian work floors, ESE machines were later made available for home use, so that we can all now enjoy a very good espresso that can be made quickly and easily.

ESE coffee pads are compressed pads that usually contain about 7 to 7.5 grams of espresso grind. This 7 grams of ground coffee is held together by a paper filter, each ESE coffee pad is packed individually for proper storage.


Advantages of ESE Servings:

Easy to use (anyone can do it!);
Very clean (e.g. no loose coffee rests);
Cafestol stays behind in the paper filter of the ESE!
Always the same perfect result with the right pressure, grind and amount of coffee;
Always fresh, because each pad is packed separately immediately after grinding;
No loss of coffee.


ESE Machines Spinel

Various machines are available for making ESE coffee pods. At MetaCaffè we offer a number of these machines so that you can easily make espresso at home. For example, the entry-level model of Spinel, the Ciao. If you are interested in an espresso machine for ESE Pads, check out the ESE Machines category.


Buy ESE Coffee Pods

The range of ESE Servings at MetaCaffè consists of different types of coffee. Not only do the coffee beans have different origins, they are also roasted in different ways. In addition to the ESE pads from Caffe Mike, the MetaCaffè range also includes coffee pads from Poli, Karoma, Rekico & M'AMA. From almost all brands there is also a mix of ESE coffee pods available so you can decide which ESE Servings suits you best and which ESE coffee pods you can buy best.



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