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SAKA Caffè Classic Bar ESE Servings, 150 stuks
SAKA Caffè Classic Bar ESE Servings, 150 stuks
Een intense en aangename espresso met een fijne afdronk met tonen van chocolade
SAKA Caffè IPA Espresso Kopje
SAKA Caffè IPA Espresso Kopje
Espresso kopje met Logo SAKA Caffè
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SAKA Caffè

A family company with over than 25 years of experience in coffee business - located in the hearts of Naples, well known as the land of Espresso, where the combination wheather/territory is absolutely unparallelled.

Passion, committment, quality and above all…tradition!

The company - Torrefazione Tafuri-was founded by Mr Tafuri 27 years ago and now is run by his daughter, Ms Rosaria.

Saka Caffè is a family company with a rich tradition and at same time oriented towards a dynamic and innovative present, not forgetting the heritage and the values of  the founders.

For long time we have been specialising in the roasting of high-quality coffee beans.  Our raw material are provided by Hig-Quality Certificates and Taste Analisys and then are processed one by one respecting the organoleptic properties needs and requests. All that allows us to roast a bespoke blend for each customers,according to his requirements and his speficif country.

Moreover, SAKA CAFFE has been officially designed for last four years as one of the AICAF headoffice.

They periodically arrange training course as "MAESTRO del Caffè" and "Somelier dell' Espresso" in the factory.

The corse are held in the Academy Saka and are managed by AICAF (Italian Academy Master of Coffee).


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