MetaCaffè is the importer of special and exclusive coffee brands and a big fan of ESE Pods/Servings. Because of the great love and preference for Italian coffee, the idea arose at the end of 2010 to import unique coffee brands from different regions of this country.

Since 2011 we import exclusively the coffee brands Poli from Castel Bolognese, Karoma from Naples, Mike from Alessandria (Piedmont) and Rekico from Faenza.

The coffee of the different brands is available as ESE Servings & coffee beans. MetaCaffè also imports ESE Machines from Spinel.

We are now steadily working on our customer growth, which no longer only comes from the Netherlands. We now have customers from Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy and the United States. 
We ship to a lot of European Countries, click here for the list and prices 


MetaCaffè is a trademark of MetaSolutions B.V.
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